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Residential Electrical Services

If you are looking for residential electrical services for your home, it’s best to call in a professional. Many homeowners are getting into the whole “Do It Yourself” (DIY) thing when it comes to projects around the home – including partial or complete renovations. 

With a little research and the proper tools, ambitious homeowners can complete many home renovation tasks themselves, but electrical works typically require a qualified electrician to assist.

It is always best to call in an expert for residential electrical services.

There are some things that homeowners cannot do themselves, and will require professional residential electrical services – as per Australian Law – and electrical work is included under those banned projects.

Electrical work, whether for residential or commercial construction – is regulated by the Australian Government and may only be performed by a licensed electrician.

So how do you know which electrical projects you can tackle yourself and which ones will require assistance from a licensed electrician? Here are a few examples.

Diy Electrical Home Renovation Projects That Do Not Require An Electrician:

Electrical Home Renovation Projects That Do Require An Electrician:

Homeowners who are found doing electrical work themselves that requires professional residential electrical services from an electrician are subject to heavy fines and penalties.

To some, this may sound harsh because, after all, it is your home and you should be able to do what you want to in it or with it, right? The reason that the laws are strict on certain types of electrical work is really in the best interests of everyone.

Electrical work is a dangerous business that could lead to fires and/or death, if not properly handled. Aside from this, faulty electrical work can lead to appliance and other failures within the home that are expensive and time consuming as well.

Future Services Can Handle All Phases Of Home Renovation Electrical Work – Including Safety Switches To Ensure The Safety Of Your Family. Our Electrical Experts Are Standing By, Ready To Guide You Through The Renovation Process From Start To Finish.

We Offer Free, No Obligation Quotes On All Our Electrical Services. Call Future Services At 1300 291 148 To Schedule Your Free Consultation Today!

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