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Love the idea of going solar but have been waiting for the right home solar system deal to come along? Your search is over.

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Boost Your Power Efficiency and Savings with Sydney’s Solar Panel Experts

Future Services will help you to find the ideal solar panel package and enjoy the benefits of efficient, clean energy from the sun all year round. 

  • We only specify high quality products that meet strict Australian safety standards for your peace of mind and your family’s safety
  • A fully trained and reliable installation team (ask about our workmanship warranty)
  • Servicing all areas of greater Sydney and surrounds (and select NSW regional centres)
  • No-hassle, no-obligation FREE quotes and advice

And if you qualify, we will also help you take FULL advantage of generous government incentives for new solar systems and solar batteries.

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Read on to learn more about choosing the right solar panels for your home…

How do you get the best solar panels for your home and budget?

Just by knowing the right way to go about a solar panel design and installation can make an ENORMOUS difference to its effectiveness…AND YOUR POCKET. We consider a wide range of factors when designing your solar panel installation because we know it matters.  These include:

  • Your power needs now and what they may look like in the years ahead. For instance, will the system be able to accommodate more panels at a later time if required?
  • How are your power needs spread throughout the day?
  • Your geographic location
  • The direction of your roof, and the type of roof you have. For example, is it a slanted roof or a flat roof requiring solar panels to be propped up? 
  • Could utilising a garage roof provide a better result and be cheaper?
  • Is there an obvious option that could SAVE YOU MONEY and still satisfy your power needs?


How long do solar panels last?

You want to make sure the solar panel system you choose is going to give you the mileage you deserve.  Our panels have a 25 year lifespan, however the life of solar panels can vary depending on:

  • The quality of panels (for instance, good quality panels are less prone to common issues like hot spotting and microcracks)
  • How they are installed, and
  • The elements they are exposed to.

At Future Services, we want you to get the most out of your solar panel solution.  We do this by only supplying quality solar panels and equipment.  Our professional and reliable installation team is trained and experienced in dealing with the trickiest of situations so you get the best possible outcome.  And should your panels need a little “TLC” and maintenance, we can help.

How long does a home solar panel installation take?

If the solar panel installation is straightforward, the solar panel setup can generally be done in one day.  If a battery is installed, it will likely run over two days. Even though we will endeavour to get the job done as swiftly as possible with minimal inconvenience to you, factors such as safety, weather, condition of roof, logistical challenges, size of installation, AND the unexpected, can all cause delays.

Solar Panel Installers Sydney and Greater Sydney

There has been a welcome shake-up of the solar industry making it harder for customers to be “ripped off” and forced to endure shoddy workmanship and service. We do encourage you to not take any risks by only choosing a trusted and accredited provider like Future Services for your solar panel installation needs. We always have and will continue to provide our customers with the highest standards of home and residential solar panel installation service.

We also service many regional centres of NSW, and commercial operations.

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