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The Right Solar Panel Design And Installation Will Help Save You Money And Improve Power Efficiency. Here’s How.

Your home or business has unique power needs so you need solar panel installers that offer a level of expertise and care that will ensure you have as much solar energy as possible for your budget. 

For superior solar panel installations, you can count on Future Services, Sydney’s solar panel installations and solar panel deals specialists.

Ready To Make The Move To Solar?

Planning Solar Panel Installations

As with many things in life, proper planning and design of your solar panel system can make a huge difference to the outcome and is best left to a reputable professional.  

Here at Future Services, some of the key factors we look at when designing solar panel installations include:

  • Your power needs now and potentially what they may look like in the years ahead.  For instance, will the system be able to accommodate more panels at a later time if required
  • How are your power needs spread throughout the day?
  • Your location
  • The direction of your roof, and
  • The type of roof you have, for example, is it a slanted roof or a flat roof requiring solar panels for the roof to be propped up?  Could utilising a garage roof provide a better result and be cheaper?
  • Is there an obvious option that could SAVE YOU MONEY and still satisfy your power needs?
  • Do you qualify for GOVERNMENT INCENTIVES?
We design and install solar power systems for residential homes and commercial / industrial business applications.

The condition of your roof can also have an impact on what is possible and solar panel installation cost for your roof.  Long term maintenance and potential damage is also considered during the design process as lots of large falling branches and bird droppings means potentially more solar panel problems down the track.

Common Problems With Solar Panels

How Long Does It Take To Install Solar Panels?

Like any type of equipment that is exposed to the elements or is of inferior quality, problems are more likely to happen.  However, these can be minimised by choosing quality solar panels that generally last longer and are less prone to common issues like hot spotting and microcracks. 

You also want to make sure your solar panels are being installed by professionals that know what they’re doing.

The great thing is, having good quality solar panels professionally installed does not have to break the bank.  When considering all factors, you may even come out on top.

If the solar panel installations are straightforward, the solar panel setup can be done in one day.  If a battery is installed, it will generally run over two days.

Even though we will endeavour to get the job done as swiftly as possible with minimal inconvenience to you, factors such as 

  • safety 
  • weather
  • condition of roof
  • logistical challenges
  • size of installation
  • and the unexpected 

can cause delays.

Solar Panel Installers Sydney And Greater Sydney

There has been a welcome shake-up of the solar industry making it harder for customers to be “ripped off” and forced to endure shoddy workmanship and service. 

Although the case, we do encourage you to not take any risks by only choosing a reputable and accredited provider like Future Services for your solar panel installation needs.

We always have and will continue to provide our customers with the highest standards of solar panel installation service throughout Sydney and its surroundings.  

Solar panel installations are also available to select regional centres of NSW and commercial operations.

P.S.  Ask us about our great solar deals.

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