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Would you like an energy efficient Hot Water system upgrade for your home or business, so you can enjoy up to 70% off your electricity costs?

With Future Services, get a brand new energy-efficient hot water system using heat pump technology. Thanks to generous Government subsidies, you can now upgrade your home or business hot water system for a lot less than you may expect. If you qualify under the NSW Energy Saver Scheme (ESS), you could even potentially be getting your upgrade at NO-COST.

Contact us today to learn more!    Be sure to ask about our RED HOT SUMMER DEALS*.

Why Choose a Heat Pump for your Hot Water?

Tired of skimping on hot water so you can save on power bills?  Hot Water Heat Pumps are the smart way to heat water by harnessing heat from the surrounding air (yes, air!), miraculously heating your water, operating a bit like an air-conditioner in reverse. The technology is amazing, but the really important things for you to know are:
  • A good quality hot water heat pump system will potentially save you thousands on energy bills
  • They’re generally easy to install, and
  • If you qualify for government incentives, you could be saving even more.
Not only that, with a hot water heat pump system properly matched to your needs you won’t have to stop yourself mid-chorus in the shower again! Right now, we’ve got RED HOT DEALS on quality Heat Pump Systems in Sydney so there’s never been a better time to start enjoying cheaper hot water. We service all parts of Greater Sydney, including CBD, lower Blue Mountains, Penrith and Central Coast.

About the NSW Energy Saving Scheme (ESS)

The NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) provides incentives to install energy efficient appliances (including heat pump hot water systems!) in households and businesses.

  • Thousands of families and businesses are already saving hundreds of dollars on their quarterly electricity bills with their new hot water systems. Don’t miss out!
  • If you have an electric hot water system, then you are eligible for a grant to help cover the costs of upgrading your hot water system. It’s that simple.
  • You too can benefit from this NSW Government incentive and upgrade to an approved energy efficient system with up to 70% lower running costs.
  • We supply hot water systems from Rheem and Midea, engineered for Australian conditions and installed by qualified trades people.

Learn more about the NSW Energy Saving Scheme here.

Rheem Ambiheat HDc 270

Why Are Our Heat Pump Hot Water Systems a Smart Choice?

Which Is The Best Hot Water Heat Pump To Buy?

If you’ve started the search, you may have noticed there are a lot out there.  The trouble is, there is a trap.

Hot Water Heat Pump Systems aren’t energy-rated.  It’s hard to believe, but true.  The energy-efficiency space also attracts a lot of cowboys luring you with cheap imitations and installed by shonky tradespeople, leaving you cold.

The fantastic news is, here at Future Services we’ve done the research for you.

At Future Services, you will get a quality Chromagen or Rheem Hot Water Heat Pump and have it installed by our specialist trade team.  In our opinion, it’s the winning combination for exceptional value and your peace of mind.

The Chromagen 280 litre Heat Pump, in particular, is an ideal choice for many families, featuring a huge tank, large range of operating temperatures, and remarkably quiet (low noise).  Our team can run you through the other features that makes it such a popular choice in heat pumps.

And as our many customers know, you can also count on us for reliability and a 100% money-back guarantee on our workmanship.

Start saving today.

Uses Up To 70% Less Energy

Our hot water systems use smart renewable energy technology to extract energy from the surrounding air and utilises thermal energy to generate hot water. Save $100’s off your future electricity bills.”
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Choose Future Services For Great Deals On Hot Water Heat Pumps. Remember to ask about our RED HOT SUMMER DEALS* and if you qualify for the Energy Savings Scheme.

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