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One of the most important components to a home or building’s electrical system is a safety switch. Its job is to cut off the supply of electricity in the event that a current leak has been detected. Doing so prevents electric shock – or burns – by disallowing the electric current to flow through a person.

Due to a change in Australian law, safety switches are required on all commercial or residential structures built or electrically altered after 1991. Although safety switches are not required on older homes or buildings, the benefits of having one added should not be ignored, as failing to do so could result in the unfortunate loss of life.


No. Circuit breakers are designed to interrupt the flow of electricity through a structure’s wiring system when a circuit overload is detected, in order to protect appliances and electronic devices in the home. A safety switch is designed to shut off the electricity completely if an electrical leak to the ground is detected in order to protect people from electric shock.
Ideally, you should have a safety switch on every circuit in your home – which means a separate one for major electricity draws like the air conditioning system, oven, washer and dryer and of course, the lights themselves.
Yes. Just press the “test” button on the switch and verify that the corresponding appliances/lights on that circuit turn off, once the button is pressed. If not, contact a licensed electrician ASAP to diagnose the problem and resolve the issue for you.
Safety switches rarely have to be replaced and should last the lifespan of your home. However, on rare occasions damage to wiring, loose connections and other electrical issues could jeopardize the integirty of a safety switch and cause it to need replacing.
A safety switch is marked with a “T” or the word “test” and is found on the switchboard, along with the rest of the home’s breakers. If you do not see these markings on any of the breakers on the board, assume that your home is not equipped with a safety switch.
Unfortunately, they are not. That is why it is recommended that the safety switches in your home be tested and inspected every couple of years to ensure their integrity and continued functionality.
Absolutely not. Only a qualified, licensed electrician should make electrical repairs or changes to your home. Not only is doing so highly dangerous, it is also illegal without a proper license and permit.
Future Services specialises in all phases of electrical work, repair and installations. We offer free, no obligation quotes on all our services, including the installation and repair of safety switches.

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