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The Importance Of Safety Switches And Everything You Need To Know

Safety Switches are devices that turn off the main electrical power supply in case of an electrical fault, or if there is an electrical surge. This ensures a number of distinct functions, namely –

  • Accidental risk due to electrical hazards are diminished or negated completely
  • Electrical appliances are shielded from damage
  • Power supply can be extended to places where it is unavailable

How a Safety Switch Functions?

Safety Switch is essentially a monitoring device that is able to detect anomalies in the electric flow. Subsequently, it is able to switch off the electric supply during this case and prevent damage. Here’s how it works –

  1. The safety switch is directly connected with the main power line and monitors the current flow
  2. When a deviation in the current flow is detected, the safety switch detects it
  3. The safety switch will turn itself off, which in turn shuts off the power flow in the circuit

In accordance with the law, all homes are required to be fitted with a safety switch.

Different Kinds of Safety Switches

Safety Switches primarily come in 3 main categories. These can be classified as –

  • Switchboard Safety Switches –

    This type of safety switch is responsible for maintaining a specified electricity path in relation to the household wiring. They instantly shut off any electrical activities if current leakage is detected.

  • Power Point Safety Switches

    Power point safety switches replace existing power outlets with one that has a safety switch in-built into it. This makes sure that any appliance connected with the power outlet is well protected.

  • Portable Safety Switches –

    Portable safety switches readily attach to a power line in a plug and play fashion. This allows safety in power line maintenance activities in Local Electrician.

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