What Is Water Jetting And Is It The Best Solution For Blocked Drains?

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If you find yourself constantly having to reach for chemical drain cleaners and endure the frustration of backed-up drains and smells, then water jetting may just be the solution for you.

What is water jetting?

Water jetting is a method of cleaning and clearing pipes by shooting jets of high-pressure water.  The types of things water jetting can clearly include:

  • Hair and soap
  • Mineral deposits
  • Sand and silt
  • Grease and food particles, and
  • Many types of tree roots, depending on the strength of the water jetter and the skill of the operator.

Best of all, unlike some other methods for clearing blocked drains, it doesn’t just move along and break up obstructions, they clean the inner wall of the pipe, often also helping prevent reoccurring blockages.

A water jetter is a highly specialised and powerful piece of equipment and should only be operated by a plumber that is qualified to do so…and definitely NOT a job for the home handyperson!

What to expect when getting water jetting done

  1. A water jetting plumber will first assess the blockage, often using a CCTV camera to help pinpoint the cause, location and most appropriate course of action without having to dig up yards or ripping up concrete unnecessarily.
  2. If water jetting is required, they will lower hoses into your pipes and then put the water jetter to work, breaking through and flushing away the clogs and debris from within and on the inner surface of pipes.

Is water jetting safe?

As no chemicals are involved, it is an option that is kinder to the environment.  However, when older and more delicate pipes are involved, the plumber can advise you on whether water jetting is a good fit for your situation and discuss alternatives if needed.

Does water jetting work on tree roots?

In many cases, it will, but again, the blockage will need to be assessed first.  Sometimes it may require something like snaking, roto rooting or an electric eel which are more mechanical options using a rotating blade or wire to puncture and cut through the roots.

Here at Future Services, for instance, our plumbing team are fully equipped to handle most blocked drain situations and emergencies, including tree roots and those in commercial settings, and will always ensure you have the right personnel to carry out work safely and efficiently.

If you’d like to learn more about water jetting and discover if it may be the right solution for you, contact us today to arrange a FREE quote.